5 – Hula-Hula Review – 300

SPARTANS! Prepare for battle! For tonight, WE DINE WITH HULA!!  Recently heard on @MrBSShow WhyNotCon2017 Episode #Clips2: WhyNot Stagg N Doe, @HulaHulaGuy reviews the 2006 epic blockbuster 300!  Enjoy his unique insight on the battle for the planet of the Super Babies!

4 – WeeNotCon Sound Check

Urine luck! An EXCLUSIVE peehind-the-scenes sound check from WhyNotCon! Storm Raven is a wiz at podcasting and offers a special sound check as the MR. BS Show and Afterburn739 start streaming WhyNotCon 2017. For a golden opportunity to hear all of the WhyNotCon fun, check out the MR. BS Show EP 106!