5 – Hula-Hula Review – 300

SPARTANS! Prepare for battle! For tonight, WE DINE WITH HULA!!  Recently heard on @MrBSShow WhyNotCon2017 Episode #Clips2: WhyNot Stagg N Doe, @HulaHulaGuy reviews the 2006 epic blockbuster 300!  Enjoy his unique insight on the battle for the planet of the Super Babies!

4 – WeeNotCon Sound Check

Urine luck! An EXCLUSIVE peehind-the-scenes sound check from WhyNotCon! Storm Raven is a wiz at podcasting and offers a special sound check as the MR. BS Show and Afterburn739 start streaming WhyNotCon 2017. For a golden opportunity to hear all of the WhyNotCon fun, check out the MR. BS Show EP 106!

3 – Rhinestone Casket

This week the world was saddened by the passing of Country-Pop legend, Glen Campbell. BigDaddyJimmyV was so stricken with grief it inspired him to write, perform, record and produce this touching tribute to the Rhinestone Cowboy. BigDaddy told Bud Ears, “This song was produced with nothing but love for Glen Campbell, happy trails!”  

2 – CobraSutra (At the Cobra)

On Show #91 of the Afterburn739 Podcast, BigDaddyJimmyV channels his inter Manilow lays down some lyrics for a little ditty ’bout Cobra and Midge. You won’t want to miss what happens at the Cobra, the CobraSutra! Enjoy! Music from: TheKARAOKEChannel


We interrupt this podcast to bring you a special bulletin! Now over to Midge in our Weather Center… Featuring: Midge, Leo, Fez, Cobra, Kitty from Afterburn739.  Check out the show at afterburn739.com Background Track: “The Emergency Alert System has a Sparta Remix” Thanks to SonicFans468 for teh epicness